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Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 02:33 pm Bad Management
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For the past couple of weeks my store (2068) has been experiencing an overload of freight. With to warehouses sending matching orders to out store our nomal 1-2 truck night hads now become 3-4 truck nights ans sometimes even more. I would normally not complain(ya right) but our store manager is running our store into the ground. We in smack dead in the middle of a remodel and I believe we are working with-out a permit from the town I am in. Our over night crew has no where to put the new stuff because everything is either a new mod our is pure overstock. The back room is a mess, and everybody is pointing fingrers.

Today I had an asst manager I like to cal "Blinky" tell me we are not working hard enough. Throw the fuckin truck your self asshole what do you thank we are robots. When I came in today there was only two peole out of four in the backroom ready to unload the truck. I will always say that you need at least seven to have a normal evening. By 5:00pm the truck get started and ICS comes back to help (thanks ICS).

The first truck is finshed by around 6:30pm and he is still bitching about getting started at 5 instead of 4. Talking to this man is like talking to a brick wall, nothing is going to get in and there is no use trying to talk sence into him. So, I found it is just wise to let him hang is self with his own rope.

8:00pm, the truck is in the 5th panel and he decides to send everyone to lunch for we can pull everything to the floor on time. 9:00pm we began pulling and to make a long story short (too late!!!) The back room was not finsh because the truck had to be finshes before we left. There is no ICS because they went home at 8. Half the frieght is left for the remodel people and the overnight crew to pull to the floor and work on and all the blame will fall on my department.

I hate bad management, because at Wallyworld the manager is always right and there is nothing you can do about it but talk to another member of management.
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