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Jul. 30th, 2005 @ 03:57 am Hot Sex
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: MY Girlfriend's Girlfriend / Type O Negative
I have been working at Wallyworld for about a year now and this company is insane. I meet this girl at work and we began to talk, nothing to steamy, just some very forward phases and a kiss her and there. Well one night I decided to stay late to help clean up the back room and try to get everything back to normal in the recieving department.

I walk into the break room a few minute after 2am lunch finished and saw the girl I was talking to finshing up her cigarette. Since no body is in the room I walk up to her and asked her did she want to have a quickie before we go back to work. She walked toward the door and since no body was outside she pulled down her pant. After that it was on. We were kissing, biting, fucking and sucking right on the breakroom tables. I mean no holding back anything goes kind of style.

A few people walked by but no body seemed to mind and we didn;t care. There was even this one dude that walked, had a smoke and left. Hell everybody know we were trying to hook up for the longest, but they nevery thought it would happen right in the break room.

After that I went home and she went back to work and from time to time we would try to sneak off somewhere for a quick fuck just to past the time. It's a shame she is no longer working for the company, because I really don't have any good reasons to work the late shift any more until.

Just another crazy day at Wallyworld , I guess!!!
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